Data Progression Status (Ver.3)

  • This table indicates the number of files provided by G-Portal.
  • The columns for each month are colored according to the ratio of the number of files and the threshold values.
  • The threshold values are calculated by averaging the number of effective products per month.
  • At the timing of version 3 products release, the following products are only minor version-up. (The major version is Ver.2.)
    L1A,L1B,L2/LTOA,L2-Statistics/LTOA (8days,Monthly)
  • There are new additions, abolitions, and integrated products when upgrading to Ver.3. Please check here for details.
  • : Over 110%
  • : Over 80%
  • : 0 - 80%
  • : Not stored
  • : Now Preparing

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