Reprocessing Status

September 10th, 2021

The observation period is divided into units of 6 months, and reprocessing will be carried out in order from the latest 6 months unit period.

Table. Reprocessing status (As of September 10th, 2021)

  • All L1/L2/L3 products will be reprocessed.
  • The reprocessing may possibly delay.
  • Please see the reprocessing status page for up-to-date information of reprocessing.
  • About Reprocess(1+)
    L2 RSRF accuracy will be degraded for maximum 3 months because of the insufficient input data at the version transition. ALL land and atmosphere products will be affected by the RSRF accuracy because they use RSRF as an input. Therefore, in addition to the reprocessing period before the release of Ver.2, we will recover this period as reprocessing (1+). The following provisional product also will be reprocessed during the period (1+).
    • Jun 24, 2020 : Provisional product period due to the trouble during the preparation release of Ver.2 products.
    • Jun 29, 2020 : Provisional product period due to the release of Ver.2 products.
  • Provisional products were created due to a trouble during the preparation for release of Ver.2 products. Please refer to the following page for the details.
    We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.